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Please read below some of the comments made about Randy Pennington's Results Rule! book:

“Most business books give you everything you need to do anything you want except the only thing that matters: get results. This book is well-written, with great examples, stories and real advice that will actually show you how to improve your results. Buy it - read it - heed it - and watch your results improve.”

Larry Winget
Author, Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life!

“What on earth could pre-thawed turkeys, Eva the dolphin, and toothpaste tubes squeezed from the middle have to do with the success of your business? Everything. Results Rule! is that rare business book that you can't put down, and you shouldn't, because the lessons within aren't just helpful, they're vitally important. It's fitting that Randy Pennington would write a book on results, because he's known in the business world as being THE go-to guy for help on creating results for his clients. Randy doesn't mince words and he doesn't waste the reader's time. Don't put Results Rule! on the stack of books you mean to read soon. Buy it, take it home, and read every word before your competitor does.”

Joe Calloway
Author, Indispensable - How to Become the Company That Your Customers Can't Live Without

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“If you hate your competition, it’s because they’re beating you. If you want your competition to hate YOU — read Randy Pennington’s book, and give it to all your people.”

Jeffrey Gitomer
Author, The Little Red Book of Selling

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“Randy's business savvy and expertise are evident throughout this book. His thoughtful analyses produce vital points for any business that wants to grow and thrive in the 21st century.”

Nido Qubein
President, High Point University
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

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Results Rule! delivers practical ideas that will keep your organization on course for success in a competitive marketplace. Randy Pennington offers ideas that work if you are on the front-line or in the executive suite. He has nailed the essence and importance of culture.”

Howard Putnam
Former CEO, Southwest Airlines
Author, The Winds of Turbulence

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“Six rock solid concepts + real examples in a quick and easy read = real results. A guide to differentiating your organization in the market place.”

Cass Wheeler
Chief Executive Officer, American Heart Association

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“In a very engaging, quick read, Randy Pennington cuts through the hype of most management best sellers to propose a deceptively simple premise – a culture that never loses focus on the desired result, always wins. Pennington takes you by the hand and shows you how to take an honest look at your own organization then act immediately to create and nurture a culture that achieves results day in and day out. Results Rule! is one of those rare books you’ll keep close at hand for years to come.”

Marci Armstrong, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Masters Programs
Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University

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“If you believe 'Results Rule' then you'll find that this book rocks. Randy Pennington has boiled down his years of experiences and insights into a book that is packed with concrete examples and, more importantly, shows you how you and your organization can rule by creating superior results. If you want more and better results, then read this book.”

Mark Sanborn
Author: The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

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Results Rule! is an incredible formula for success. Randy Pennington raises questions, delivers answers, and challenges you to a higher level of leadership. Execute these ideas and your organization will rule!”

Lisa Ford
Author, How to Give Exceptional Customer Service

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“This much common sense is definitely uncommon. Any company or organization that wants to succeed and achieve a Results Rule! mentality should read and apply the lessons from this book.”

Gary Nelon
Chairman and CEO, First Texas Bancorp, Inc.

“Pennington reveals how to create a results culture in your organization. Powerful, provocative must-read material for all serious leaders.”

Randy Gage
Author, Prosperity Mind

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“Randy Pennington, once again, hits straight at the heart of the issue. He avoids the myth that performance management and building a great culture has to be easy and simple; it isn't. It is complex. But it can become a competitive advantage for those who are willing to accept accountability and invest the time to practice the truly important skills; for them, the results will come - deservedly so.”

Clinton Wingrove
Managing Director, Pilat NAI

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“Randy Pennington has captured the essence of business culture required to succeed in today's global market. Make sure your highlighter is within reach for the entire book as Mr. Pennington's advice on successful business culture emanates from Preface to Post notes. If your business is in need of an injection of new life, transform your company culture with this sound, accountable-driven advice.”

Tom Haag
President & COO, SGS Tool

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“There is something here for everyone. The ability to influence others and/or one's organizational culture is not limited to the senior management. Everyone has that ability. And organizational culture is at the heart of an organization's ability to be successful. I really enjoyed this book, I hope you will too.”

Eric Schlesinger
Author, e-Job Hunting

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“Articulating, nurturing and protecting an authentic culture that inspires and gives guidance is the difference between having a good year and building a great, enduring company. Results Rule! shows how the right corporate culture makes all the difference in a marketplace where products and services are increasingly seen as interchangeable. It is filled with powerful yet simple truths, insights and practical advice to help leaders and the organizations they serve succeed year after year after year.“

Henry S. Givray
Chairman & CEO, SmithBucklin Corporation

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“One of the most useful and engaging business books I’ve read in some time. Well worth your time and money. Keep your pen handy, you’ll be underlining a lot!”

Ian Percy
Author, Going Deep: Exploring Spirituality in Life & Leadership

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“Through stories and examples taken from a career in business and consulting, Randy Pennington presents a practical framework for professional and organizational success through a focus on culture and results. I walked away with a half dozen hard hitting action items in one afternoon reading. Wish I had had this book 13 years ago when founding Bridgeway.”

John Montgomery
Founder, Bridgeway Mutual Funds